Friday, September 14, 2012

A new beginning...

I worked all summer long between two classrooms going through, organizing, arranging, ordering, and re-arranging.  We've been through almost four weeks of school and I think I have whats starting to feel like my new home away from home.  Here are a few pictures of my new elementary classroom...I'm still working on the high school room. :)
This is what the kids see when they walk in the door.
My teacher corner.
My Hicksville wall of fame (artwork from my former students).
The view from my desk.
 From the back side of the room.
The back side of the room is lined with bulletin boards.
 Of course I put my "I can't" bulletin board up.
 With each project we have a "Feature Artist".
 This idea cam from Hicksville's new art teacher.  When kids get a little extra time after a project they can draw on note cards that have a pre drawn line on them.  The students have to create a picture incorporating the line.  If it looks amazing, it is put on the "Noodle Doodles" wall of fame.
 Our classes behavior chart.
Our current projects board.
 A reminder to the students to make their project as detailed as the bacon-double cheeseburger.
 My favorite part of the classroom.  This has been such a great asset to the classroom.  I don't have to constantly remind the kids what colors we are using for particular projects.  All I do now is point to the board and say look for the "Primary" color family.  
 This is our dry marker monster box.  Anytime we have a dried out marker the students put it in the box instead of throwing it away.  Thanks to my niece Presley for helping me make this. ;)
 A reminder for students to have their names on their project before they put in on the drying rack.

 Two of my best classroom management tools.  The timer which goes off just before class is over reminding the kids to put their supplies away and get ready to go.  Also the sharpened pencils container, students never have to waist time and make noise sharpening pencils.
 A cute idea from pinterest!

  My little sink area.