Saturday, May 11, 2013

Summer break is almost here!

I love projects like this just before summer break.  I think many of us have our minds on somewhere warmer with water, waves, and sand!  

3 Little Pigs

Here is a simple 1st grade project that just makes me smile!

Sign Language Hand Design

I found this project on another blog (I can't remember where!).  Students drew their hands to spell their names in sign language.  Then the entire background was designed to be unique to the student.  In the future this would be a great beginning of the year project, I would get to know the students much quicker!

Owen who wants to join the Marines.

Tyler who loves hunting.

Krystle who loves hunting and is going on and African Safari hunt this summer for her graduation gift from her parents.  

Kayla who made a family "tree" collage.  

A.J. who loves dirt bikes and wants to go to college to be a mechanic.  

McKenna who is a beauty queen.

Chance who is artistically advanced in drawing human anatomy.  

1st Annual K-12 Art Show

The show was on a Friday night from 4:30 - 7:00 in the elementary cafeteria.  All art students had one framed artwork for sale.  The elementary artworks (11x14) sold for $15 and the high school artworks (18x24) sold for $35.  There was also a framing table set up with empty frames just incase a family wanted more than one artwork framed for purchase.  I was unsure of how the community was going to take the new concept of a school art show with artwork for sale.  
My questions were quickly answered when it was already busy with people at 3:30.     

 Elementary artwork filled the cafeteria.

 All artwork that made it in the show and was not framed was staple to long cardboard sheets and lined the outside walls of the cafeteria.  If parents wanted something framed they pulled it off the cardboard and brought it to the framing station.

In the hallway outside of the cafeteria was the high school display of framed artwork.  

The bottle cap mural even made it in the art show!

The check out table had a line for most of the evening!  Artwork was just flying off of the tables!

I just love these two ladies!  They were my mentor teachers while I was student teaching at this school eight years ago.  Who would have ever dreamed that I would have both of their jobs eight years later!  I was so excited when I saw they made it to the art show!  

Poster Children!

These students were on all of the flyers and in the newspapers to help advertise for the art show!   They were excited to show off their framed works!

After Hours

I planned to have the k-12 art show in the elementary school.  One night I went up to the elementary to get things ready for the art show and hung one framed high school project for each student using 3M velcro strips.  

Well, I teach in two separate buildings.  The k-6 students  are clueless on what the 7-12 students are creating in art and vise versa.  This did not dawn on me until the next morning when I heard all of the ohhs and ahhs from the elementary kids.  Their comments about the high school artwork were so kind, I wish the older kids could have heard the excitement in the k-6 voices.    

Getting the word out!

This year was our schools first ever k-12 art show.  I wasn't sure if the community would catch on to the idea of a k-12 art show let alone being able to purchase their child's artwork framed and matted.  I tried to advertise it as much as I could.  I put information in the local and neighboring towns newspapers, hung flyers throughout the community, sent numerous newsletters home with students, and hung three huge sign throughout our schools.    

This was the first sign that went up.  I was asked by so many people over and over, "When is the art show?"  I made this huge sign in the hallway across from my classroom (It was inspired by another display on  
With this sign there was no way people would be able to question when the art show was! :)

This sign was around the display case outside of the elementary office.  

The library was packed with artwork ready to go for the art show!

Another display case showing off kids artwork.