Monday, April 1, 2013

Framing one at a time!

With all of the money my students helped raise this year and our small funds from we were able to purchase frames for the art show.  Every student from grades k-8 will have an 11x14 artwork and all students in grades 9-12 will have an 18x24 artwork.  My amazing husband drove to FRAME USA (I highly recommend them!) in Cincinnati to pick up all of the frames on a Saturday morning (this saved over $300 in shipping).  My high school students unloaded them and this is what I was left with.  

Boxes of frames have taken over my kiln room.  

 My old school is being SO AMAZING and letting me borrow black fabric to cover all of the tables for a classy looking display!

After the projects are all framed up I one by one add easels to the backs of each frame.

 Over Easter break I took a day and displayed artwork through out the library.  I have high hopes that this will help get the students excited about the art show.  The night janitor thanked me and said she felt like she was in a mini museum as she walked through and looked at the kids art.  I hope the students think so too!  

Four weeks to go!

I've been planning all year to have a K-12 school art show.  My husband drove 45 miles to pick up 8x10 sheets of cardboard that a company generously donated to display artwork.  I went 70 miles in the other direction to pick up 4x8 sheets of cardboard donated by another company.  

These sheets have been laying in my storage room for the last couple of weeks.  

 I've been saving stacks of artwork all year that will be displayed on this cardboard.

 I spent a little time (okay lots of time) over spring break getting the art ready for the art show.  Here are just a few sheets of cardboard ready to go!

 The large sheet were so big I couldn't move them without art falling all over.  My husband came in and helped me move everything.  I really couldn't do all of this without his help!