Monday, February 16, 2015

Rain Barrel Contest!

I'm so proud of my senior art student Jessee!  She's been working on this rain barrel on and off for the last nine weeks.  I gave her the paint we had left over from the road mural we painted in the fall and she came up with this, her own version of The Starry Night!  

Monday, February 9, 2015

Kindergarten ladybugs! #gearingupfortheartshow

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Fall Fest Mural

I had the opportunity to paint a road mural for our community's Fall Festival.  I had 9 juniors and seniors spend a day out of the classroom and work flawlessly together to create this mural.  We started at about 8:45am with a circle.  A few students sketched out the rest with chalk.  When the lines were complete everyone grabbed a brush and paint and just got to work.  We made multiple trips to the hardware store for more gallons of paint and brushes!  When 2:30 rolled around we were putting finish touches on and taking a group photo.  It was an AWESOME experience and we had so many positive compliments from the community!   

Kandinsky inspired trees for my first graders! #sharpiespaintandpaper #gearingupfortheartshow by sharpiespaintandpaper

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Kandinsky inspired trees for my first graders! #sharpiespaintandpaper #gearingupfortheartshow

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We used over 500 CD's.

This was quite the process, but well worth it!  It was WAY more time consuming than the bottle cap mural!  This mural was made out of recycled CD's, acrylic paint, and construction adhesive.  First, students broke the CD's into pieces, and then we painted them with acrylic paint.  Finally, we placed them over a 8'x7', black primed, 1/2" sheet of birch wood.  We made sure there was a small space in-between each piece so it looked like a mosaic in the end.  After everything was laid out and looked good, we glued each individual piece down.  I know in this photo the words are hard to read, but it says, "Be the change you want to see in the world."