Thursday, March 1, 2012

A new art community.

I've decided to create this blog to keep in contact and share ideas with other art educators.  I'll start with showing you my home away from home.  Our school is three years old and is a HUGE improvement from where we came from (I have heat in this classroom!)   

This is my view from the front of the room by the chalkboard.  Yes, I do have a chalkboard in a 21st century classroom! I know it looks VERY plain for an art room and I'm working on it.  I love the storage space, counter top space, large sinks, and roomy table tops for the kidos.    
This view is through my student's eyes. 
This is an overall view of my room.
This bulletin board is right by the door.  As the student's walk in they can see what they are working on as well as other grades and get a preview of our feature artist.
This is my class behavior chart.  Every time the class has a great day they earn a sticker for their crayon.  When the class earn 12 stickers they have a free art day.  During this time they use wiki sticks, clay, free draw, etc.

The number one rule in my room is never say the words "I can't".   I used to have a tombstone on this bulletin board that read "R.I.P. I Can't".   I told the students he died and we are not to talk about him again.  It is a little gloomy,  I know.  A teacher down the hall read a book with this poem to her student's and they insisted that she give it to me.  I was excited to change it to a cheerier brighter "I can't" bulletin board.   


  1. Congratulations on your new blog! Your room looks like a lovely space - I'll be interested to see how the environment changes. I'm curious as to where you are that you didn't even have heat! Keep blogging - welcome to our community.

  2. Thanks for the warm welcome! The first school I taught at was falling apart the last 5 months before our move to a new school was an experience. I didn't have heat in my room (in NW Ohio it was cold in December!) and every time it rained parts of the ceiling would fall to the floor like giant spit wads! It doesn't matter, it still was my home away from home and I loved to teach there!