Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Adding grades first 9 weeks.

Before starting at Continental I hadn't worked with high school students for 8 years.  I recently finished my first nine weeks as a K-12 art teacher.  It was a huge adjustment adding grades 7-12 to my daily schedule.  Here's some of what my students produced our first nine weeks:

This project was call "Two-Toned Drawing".  Student could choose almost whatever they wanted as their subject, they drew it on two different colored pieces of charcoal paper.  We worked on proportion, value and blending techniques.

This is an example of Art 1's first project.  This project was very basic and it helped me figure out the level each student was at.  It also helped me learn what type of craftsmanship students would put into their project.

Here are a few examples of Art 1's Value Grid, Self-Portrait Drawings.  I think that many student's surprised themselves at how much their drawings looked like them.    

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