Monday, March 25, 2013

Ringgold Inspired Quilt Designs

I saw something on Pinterest that inspired this project.  We used tag board and made three inch squares across the paper.  Then with a compass we made different sized circles in each square.  They couldn't just color the entire thing with solid colors, they had to have at least one design in each square.  

I just LOVE how this one turned out.  A week before it was due he asked if he could make it fold out like a real quilt.  Of course was my response.  A couple of days went by and he asked if he could draw a hand like it was pulling the blanket back.  Again "Of course." was my response.  When he brought it back on Monday morning, this is what he turned in.  I love it when students take my project ideas to the next level!  Each little square he did has a theme or story, I was so proud of him for going above and beyond!  

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