Sunday, January 20, 2013

Room with a view...

 One day while waiting for my class to show up I looked out my window and this is what I see.  I felt a little like an animal at the zoo. :)

I had a little time and painted my window, it helps block the view just a bit and the kids love it.  I found this saying on a blog a few years ago, but never had a place to put it until now. 


  1. HAHA! The saying is just perfect for your class. The window’s transformation has made it into the classroom’s main attraction! It can serve as “bait” for students to be lured into your class. Hahaha!
    - Sandra Ludwig

  2. Brilliant! Having a message like that near the door will surely attract a lot of students to join the class. Speaking of windows, I do remember our elementary art class. We actually had a project concerning stained glass, and for me, it was a fun and a great way to express our creativity. Anyhow, how’s your art class now?
    Sol Hendricks