Thursday, January 24, 2013

We raised $861 in one week!

I have a goal to have a spring art show where all of my students grades k-12 have at least on framed artwork.  I held my first elementary fundraiser this week and we raised $861!! 

 I taped a snowman to the outside of each classroom door.  My 7th grade helped make them and 3rd grade cut them out.  
I cut out hundreds of snowflakes and passed them out to the classroom teachers.  

 Each morning students would give dollars to their teachers, for every dollar they received one snowflake.  All purchased snowflakes were taped on the classroom doors.  The classroom door with the most snowflakes won breakfast served by me.  They must think that I am a great cook because the competition was very close!  Actually so close it was a tie for first!  Next week will be the high school fundraiser, I hope they do as well as the elementary kidos!  


  1. Fabulous! Congrats on a successful fundraiser!

  2. Thanks! I did this same fundraiser with the middle/high school last week and they raised over $500. One class alone raised $235! They were so excited to have me make them breakfast!