Saturday, May 11, 2013

Getting the word out!

This year was our schools first ever k-12 art show.  I wasn't sure if the community would catch on to the idea of a k-12 art show let alone being able to purchase their child's artwork framed and matted.  I tried to advertise it as much as I could.  I put information in the local and neighboring towns newspapers, hung flyers throughout the community, sent numerous newsletters home with students, and hung three huge sign throughout our schools.    

This was the first sign that went up.  I was asked by so many people over and over, "When is the art show?"  I made this huge sign in the hallway across from my classroom (It was inspired by another display on  
With this sign there was no way people would be able to question when the art show was! :)

This sign was around the display case outside of the elementary office.  

The library was packed with artwork ready to go for the art show!

Another display case showing off kids artwork.

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