Saturday, May 11, 2013

1st Annual K-12 Art Show

The show was on a Friday night from 4:30 - 7:00 in the elementary cafeteria.  All art students had one framed artwork for sale.  The elementary artworks (11x14) sold for $15 and the high school artworks (18x24) sold for $35.  There was also a framing table set up with empty frames just incase a family wanted more than one artwork framed for purchase.  I was unsure of how the community was going to take the new concept of a school art show with artwork for sale.  
My questions were quickly answered when it was already busy with people at 3:30.     

 Elementary artwork filled the cafeteria.

 All artwork that made it in the show and was not framed was staple to long cardboard sheets and lined the outside walls of the cafeteria.  If parents wanted something framed they pulled it off the cardboard and brought it to the framing station.

In the hallway outside of the cafeteria was the high school display of framed artwork.  

The bottle cap mural even made it in the art show!

The check out table had a line for most of the evening!  Artwork was just flying off of the tables!

I just love these two ladies!  They were my mentor teachers while I was student teaching at this school eight years ago.  Who would have ever dreamed that I would have both of their jobs eight years later!  I was so excited when I saw they made it to the art show!  

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