Sunday, May 27, 2012

Last Hicksville Art Show :(

Here are photos of my last art show at Hicksville.  I love, love, love this school and how very supportive it is to the art program.  Thank you to all of the teachers and students who helped me set everything up and take everything down.  Thank you to Mr. Hoffman for helping with the directory and barcodes for all of the frames.  Thank you to the parents and the community for constantly supporting the elementary art program!  Finally, thank you to the students who always have their creative juices flowing!  I am going to miss this place! 

This was the artwork directory.  Parents could come to this wall and see all of the artworks that their child had in the art show.  I had this at the beginning of the hallway for people to view before they got to the artwork.  

Mr. Ferrell discussing his artwork with students.

Hayden, Izzie, and Lex

Artwork goes all the way down the hall.

I love this picture!

Sidney and her peacock.

Austin with his patterned mountains.

Alaina with her spring trees.

Kora and Ayla....very talented sisters!

Brayden and his owl.

Will and I with the bottle cap mural!


  1. Everything looks amazing! Did you use a company (I think I have seen this before) that frames everything for you? The bottlecap mural is AWESOME! I have been collecting for a year, but we don't have enough for one yet.

    Hicksville is losing one talented art teacher!


  2. Ok, I just read on another of your posts that you framed them yourself. Do you only do one grade level? How do you raise the money to do this? Where do you get the frames. Please share!! LOL


  3. The first year I framed art for the the show we went through a company called "Kid's Art Fair". The company supplied all of the paper and frames. I just had to create the artwork, frame it, and display it. All of the frames sold for $30 and we made 20%. In order for the company to come back the following year I had to sell at least 100 frames and we sold 96.
    Our superintendent at the time loved the idea of selling kids artwork so the school invested in frames of our own. We bought about 600 frames (about $8 per frame) from a company called FrameUSA out of Cincinnati (we can save on shipping by picking them up ourselves). I now frame one artwork from every student and sell them for $15 a piece.

    Basically each class from grades K-6 has their own "class project" that I frame for the art show. The kids are told ahead of time so they really take this particular project seriously. For example, I have five kindergarten classes and each class did a different project for their "framed art show picture".

    I start making the framed projects around February. As we complete the projects I display the artworks in the students classrooms until the day of the art show.

    I put labels on the back of each frame that says the students name, teacher name, grade, and project name. It also has a barcode so when it is purchased at the art show all of the information is scanned and recorded. When the art show is over I have all of the stats on what grades sold the most frames, what projects were the most popular, etc.

    I send a paper home the week before the art show showing parents an example of the artwork that will be framed for their child. If they do not want the public to purchase their child's artwork they sign and return the paper. I mark each frame that is not available for the public to purchase with a red dot.

    Parents and the community come to the art show, find their child's framed project and purchase it. Some parents would like to have other artwork framed in addition to what their child made. I have a few boxes of extra blank frames and a "framing station" set up. Parents can bring the unframed artwork to this station and get it framed for purchase.

    We ended up selling about 200 artworks and made just over $3,600.

    If you have any questions just let me know!

  4. That is fantastic! Thanks for all the details. :-)